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Wootton Rivers

Wootton Rivers was once the location for a TV series starring David Essex as a lock keeper back in 1988. Since it was set on a canal it is slightly odd that the series was called The River, an anomaly shared by the name of the village, which is not close to any river.
If you think that the clouds look sufficiently grey to later break into a thunderstorm that would catch out any unwary towpath walker on their way towards Pewsey Wharf, you would be completely right.
I was looking for a small aqueduct that a guidebook rather vaguely claims carries the Hampshire Avon near its source under the Kennet and Avon canal, somewhere between these two points. The Avon has its source in the Milton Lilbourne area and the river is shown on the OS map petering out near Carrel Crown Bridge. I found the bridge and the river, but saw no sign of an aqueduct or of any sign of the river north of the canal.
I did see some geese at Manor House Farm, and again later on the canal when I returned to Wootton Rivers after dark, soaking wet. As dusk approached I saw a small starling roost; a marvellous sight. I also trapped in the car headlights a hare which ran left and right as I inched forwards, almost in a parody of his stereotypical behaviour.

Wootton Rivers, 19 October 2010 (Flickr album of 31 images)

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