Happy Birthday Aidan!

It was Aidan's first birthday today, and mrs monochrome and myself both had the day off work so that we could spend the day with him. We were initially going to take him to soft play, however seeing as it was a nice (albeit cold) day, we opted for the Almond Valley Heritage Centre instead, for a wee wander around. Aidan has been before, but still enjoyed the ducks and having a wee ride on the toy tractors. He also had a shot on the trampoline (with mummy holding him), however he really seemed to enjoy the go on the swings.

As expected, he's been spoiled with presents, and hasn't even received them all yet (we're having a wee family gathering on Saturday for him, so he'll no doubt get more presents then). He has taken a genuine interest in his new toys though, and not just in the cardboard box that they came in, so I guess that's progress too! Talking of progress, Aidan has also started sticking his tongue out in quite a funny way (as illustrated above). He's stuck his tongue out before, however not as far as this (or for as long). He also tried to grab it with his hand, which is quite funny to watch, as more often than not he ends up missing it as he subconsciously puts it back in his mouth.

It's scary to think that he's a year old already, although looking over some old blips of him, he's changed so much that sometimes I wonder if it's only been a year.

Here's some of my favourite aidanblips from the past year:

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