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On patrol

This was supposed to be 3 HDR images stitched together, using ProHDR and Autostitch apps, of Pixel staring across the gardens, however one of the apps is stripping all of the EXIF data out of the resultant image including the date. Which makes it impossible to upload it to blipfoto without a begging message explaining that you have no idea why there's no date.

Anyway, here is just slightly over a 1/6th of the image you should have had.

He frequently sits on the wall or the deck outside the back door, surveying the neighbouring gardens for rivals. Even when the door is locked he'll exit through the front door cat flap, walk round the outside of the house and take up vantage at his lookout spot (when he's not feeling too lazy). There are at least four cats living within 60 or 70 metres of the house, not to mention an old railway cutting, (now cycle path), between us and the playing fields which house all manner of wildlife, including foxes. So he has a lot to contend with for control of his domain. This is why he is intent on challenging any intruder, following them home and beating them up in their own kitchen.

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