The Tenacious Tenderfoot

By oliver

City Hall

I was in town today on certain business I had to attend to, tedious to go in to details...

Anyway, after I'd seen to that I met my mother, had some lunch at a local café. We then went to Argos where she got all the Christmas presents for my three brothers and I in one go. I had a go on the iPad they had in store. Fearing I would look dodgy if I was to blip it, I decided not to.

After walking mum to the bus stop home (which she just about caught), I then went to meet friends Harry and (his girlfriend) Jodie at the Interchange. Having just made a call, camera phone-in-hand, I realised I hadn't a blip - despite being in town. I took one going past the town hall, this is a view of the Grade I listed building from Centenery Square/Market Street, just minutes after striking 5 o'clock.

Jodie is going Morecambe for the weekend stopping at her grandmother's with her friend, Lucy, and brothers - Josh and Cameron. Being on the 1715 train we said "bye".

Harry's mum and brother was there too. His mum also caught the bus home. Harry and I went to the top of town finding any second-hand Xbox game with his brother's fiver. He found his favourite game he hadn't played in years. Whilst he was queing up to pay I bought a Mars milkshake from McD's accross the road.

There were small-scale explosions, smelling the gunpowder of the fireworks my mind was put at rest. I was however alarmed to see several police officers at the same time. I asked if something was 'going on'. Forgetting it was Friday night and the clubs about to open, I concluded these were just fireworks exploding a few weeks early.

Unbeknown to us at this time Harry's brother left his mum at the Interchange and came looking for us, unable to find us he walked to his Aunt's house, just round the corner from mine, without a coat in cold weather - it had been raining. Quite luckily he didn't get pneumonia!

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