Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Naked Tree

This picture has almost nothing to do with today - it was simply a tree that caught my fancy as we got out of the car at the vets this evening. I quite like it though. What's really striking me this year is how the trees are shedding their clothes just as I'm putting more and more of mine on! You'd think they'd get chilly!

This morning I spent 2 hours with mental health specialists helping to rebuild my life. I then treated myself to chips for lunch, and had a fairly productive afternoon sorting paperwork and so on.

This evening we took Smudge for her repeat blood test to see how her thyroid is getting on. She was EVER so good, and managed it without an anaesthetic. We'll get the results in a few days time. We also discussed Dexter's medication, and, in light of the recent spraying behaviour we've decided that he's going to stay on his pills, since he's much calmer on them and tolerates them fine.

It was a cute evening in the vets - adorable puppies, a gorgeous dog, and a leopard gecko! The gecko was a real treat to see, and all the vets obviously wanted a look too!

After such a busy day we're exhausted! Pizza and wine tonight! Hurrah!

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