By champignons

Halloweeny III: squash

(eyeball swapping)
Pumpkin has her eyelids, and clone eyeballs and clone eyechips
New Girl has clone eyelids, and pumpkins eyeballs and no eyechips
Pumpkins eyechips are lost in the UK mail system but I don't care because she looks good with the clones and the clones are impossible to change.
New girl needs new chips so I hope I can claim and get the money back for the lost ones.
Clone as no eyelids or eyeballs or chips and is in several places but noone cares because she's fugly

I am in the house of ill and I have too much time on my hands.
Oh, and we went to the dentist and I went to yoga and I received all the stuff I ordered last week in one go in a small christmas like post invasion.

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