Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

So I'm waiting by the shopping carts...

My back was in a very bad way today and I had to venture out with my wife to find some meds. While she finished shopping I waited outside for some air. The buggies looked like a good blip and I made some shots when this fire truck pulls up in no hurry and four guys amble out and go inside (to shop, I presume). So, I whipped out the iPhone again and took a couple of shots. I liked the lines and perspective and how they worked well with that of the shopping carts. I'll post reshoots of the cart blips I had in mind some other time. The irony was on the handles of the carts. It read: "It's painless. Prescriptions while you shop." I was in pain, shopping, for non-prescription meds...

Yesterday's blip: Yeah, you!!!

My wife's blip for today is immediately facing the fire truck in my blip.

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