The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


Although I have lived where I am now since 1989 it is still possible for me to drive only a couple of miles to find places I've never been to before. Of course, I haven't spent all the intervening time exploring the highways and byways but I like to think I have taken a reasonable interest in my surroundings, walking the footpaths with my camera and journeying the back roads by car.
I have often driven past the cul-de-sac signed as Peckingell, which opens onto Maud's Causeway not far from Kellaways, represented on Blip on several occasions, and Langley Burrell, but I had never chanced to go down there until yesterday.
It lies beside the River Avon and seems to be horse country, as every field seemed to have its fair quotient of them, each view more scenic than the last. It was exploration of the river that had led me there, and it was reached by This Path. Upon reaching it at a footbridge I startled a kingfisher, which fled before you could say "Blip" (my third sighting this year). From here the River Avon winds and twists its way towards Chippenham. It was the perfect time for some fetching Reflections shots. A heron noisily announced its arrival but took off between the branches of the river before it could be recorded.
The horses in the field by the river were far more sociable and one came over to say hello when I arrived. This group feeding from a tree in the centre of the field seemed to me to sum up the essence of Peckingell.

P.S. And I disturbed These Fellows on the way back to the car.


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