Me and Max

By grete

Sticky Fingers etc.

Theme of the week: Be seriously playful.
Alternatively: Play. Seriously.

And he did. With a real telephone between his fingers, he meant business! Dialing and talking, talking and dialing. At one point I actually heard a voice on the other end, and jumped to finish off our little game by pressing the red button. It was in fact an automatic voice saying ´The number you are dialing is not in use´. So I let him continue. Our phone now being sticky from little fingers! (Got it?) (Music wise I mean?) (Testing, testing... :-)

Bonus Day for me today, GrandChild coming on a Thursday as well as on a Monday. And our house looks a dump again. Lots of dirty marks everywhere from, yes, Sticky Fingers....

(And actually, to tell you the truth, he did a little wee-wee on the carpet when i removed his nappy. And while cleaning it up, he crawled over to the other carpet and repeated his performance....)

But who cares....

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