Drum jam

Festive season is on and workplace was no exception. Generally we see some local or national level singer or music band coming to the office campus and putting up a show in the evening. But today it was different. There's a group called DrumJam. They were invited to the campus. They brought along with them, about a thousand drums, tambourines and percussion pipes. They distributed all the instruments among the audience, who sat around the drummers from the group in a circle. The two artists from DrumJam started playing and the entire audience started following them. In no time, the spirits and tempo was hitting the high point. Families were welcome so I took Mrs Adda along. We both grabbed a drum each and joined the party. Our fingers were red by the time the show got over and the swelling in mine has still not gone.

It was a very good and a different kind of event organized in office. Glad to see that the organizers didnt stick to the stereotype shows and decided to experiment this time. We had a couple of more options for the evening, including the theater festival going on in the city and a private movie screening by the Cycling club. But this one seemed interesting and different.

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