Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Arnside strikes gold

In over 3 months of blipping, today was the first day that I have seen a rainbow in its entirety. But the arc was so enormous, I would have needed a fish eye lens to encompass it. So this shows only a small part of the arc striking the viaduct across the Kent estuary.

It was early morning and I had gone down to Arnside prom to check out the pink-flushed clouds of dawn. The light was very strange and the mudflats were almost the colour of desert sands.

Then the rainbow appeared against a backdrop of glowering clouds. And not just one, but two. The light was so intense it was reflected off the mudflats, while the saltmarsh beyond the viaduct was luminescent green.

This is as it was taken, unprocessed. It may be best viewed large.

The other end of the rainbow is shown here.

A lovely way to start the day, a day that was otherwise spent writing reports and catching up on the more mundane domestic duties.

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