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By oddlife

Hidden nuggets of fun

Don't you love it when you happily seem to stumble upon little bits of fun you never knew were around you?

I'm a massive fan of hunting for things...following maps to get to treasures, following trails. I tell you, if I was Dorothy I would have been loving that Yellow Brick Road!

So, it was lunchtime and I had 10 mins to spare so went for a little walk. Then I find this. Signs on lamp posts. I LOVE THIS! I really wanted to follow it, but firstly it looks like it's pointing up...and that's a bit of a problem and secondly, I only had 10 minutes, and 2 miles to go...seriously, 15 minute miles are about as well as I can run. So I will do this another day.....

In other news, my Wedding Ring and I are incompatible. I appear to be allergic...or maybe I'm allergic to marriage? :) So I've had to take my ring off to let the horrible blisters and orange finger recover. How can I be allergic to 14ct White gold coated in rhodium? Blasted thing!

After that trauma, husband and I went off to Edinburgh (somewhat stressful driving-wise) to see the lovely Marina and the Diamonds. I was going to have a picture of her here, but decided against it at the last moment. She was fantastic! What a voice! We then visited our new house, which we should be moving into at the end of this month and went back to our flat and straight to bed. Rock and roll lifestyle to the max!

Off for tea at parents tomorrow. YUM!

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