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Boaty news first - made some progress with the woodstain and even got a hand washing down the gelcoat which looks a whole lot smarter. You read it here first, so you did. Then it was off to lunch at Porto & Fi before heading up town (snapping this spider at the bus stop) for shopping. Got myself a lovely man bag which made Instography piss himself when I met him for a beer in Berts. I don't know why - it's gorgeous with a striped interior and is by New & Lingwood. I hope it's allowed on expenses. The beer turned into several and we somehow ended up in the Diggers which was pretty busy. I think I lost power of speech after a while. A mercy for those around me, no doubt. I fancied a bit of a lie in this morning after that but they're renovating the house next door. Bang effing bang bang bang. Drill drill drill. Groan. Ma heid.

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