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Wee lady

A year ago today I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful cat in the world and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Jett (Jetty) was the funniest, most beautiful, stupid, crafty, chatty, elegant, cheeky cat in the world.
I only knew her for 3 years, she'd had a terrible life before she came to live with me and this left her scared of her own shadow. She also suffered thyroid problems & became blind, but took all of this in her stride.

Over time, she came to trust me, she'd still not let me cuddle her, pick her up or sit on my lap. But I could tell from her loud purrs and the amount of chatty brrup & nyet noises she made, that she was content and happy with me and that probably for the first time in her 10 years she felt safe.

She slept beside me every night, would meet me at the door purring when I came home from work, would come and visit me while I had a bath and was always, always there when it was my dinner time (usually with her face nearly in my mouth trying to steal food!)

She adapted so well to becoming blind that I once sat and watched her for 20 minutes one evening, looking back and forth out the window for birds. What she didn't know though was that the curtains were shut at the time!

Everyone who met her loved her, even my friend who hates cats couldn't help but be charmed by Jetty's wee black face looking up at her and making the funny wee chatty noises she did so well.

It was all very quick at the end, and Jetty didn't suffer. I had a bit of time with her to say goodbye, but even though she was very ill she still fought against that cuddling business that she hated so much. But I'm glad she stayed as she always was, indignantly chirping but looking so very cute.

I miss her so much Jetty my wee lady. She was the best, most beautiful cat in the world and I hope she's off watching birds somewhere perfect. I'm glad the sun shone even just for a little bit today, just for her. A beautiful golden sky for my beautiful wee black cat.

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