Sheltered by Sky

By davidvallen

License Plate!

Maybe it's just some crazy pride, but whenever I see a Jersey license plate down here, I feel it's > others. It seems most license plates are designed horribly so the amber/yellow basic gradient of the NJ plate seems better. My first thoughts would be, "look at this pee colored, dirty, grimy, boring NJ plate." But I'd rather have a basic, (imo) well designed plate than a really cheesy one. I don't know, I'm tired.

This picture includes Mike (from Australia!) and someone I'm not quite familiar with (yet). He looks like he could be the next Pharrell though, which is dope.

I'm having problems uploading each of my photos because of the procedure, I think. I take one with my phone, email to my gmail, process in iPhoto and then upload. Joe from Blip thinks I'm losing EXIF data in the emailing. Anyone know what I should do? I feel bad for mods who have to read my reason for not having date information every time.

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