Keeping the faith....

....a few years on and I'd swear my toes have grown.

Interestingly, Owen currently believes there are two types of humans; one race are descended from the son of Adam (that'll be the faith school teachings) and the other race evolved from the monkeys. He seems quite comfortable with the co-existence of creationism and evolution. Nancy has long, branch gripping toes, so clearly she is the evolved form of the hairy banana munchers. My wee baked bean toes couldn't possibly have evolved, I must therefore be a son of Adam (notice I'm not the son of Eve...harlot). It's not for me to create bias in his mind, I simply explain the competing theories and let him make-up his own mind. I suspect he'll discount the Son of Adam stuff when he susses out that Santa is actually Mum.

It's been an interesting week at work with far more highs than lows, so I'm feeling quietly satisfied but absolutely cream crackered.

Have a super, smash weekend.

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