Nicole's odd life

By oddlife


I had today off, we were meant to be having our Wedding List delivered, hence the day off. So, Debenhams managed to muck that up, saying it was down for the 11th even though they don't deliver any day but Saturday. Bit of a wasted day, although I did get some cleaning done...etc etc and then I went to a Partylite party! For those who don't know, it's kind of like a Tupperware party, but with candles.

Now I have zero money, but there was this reed thing that had this chocolate and coconut oil thing. Oh...I wanted it. My lovely mother got it for me :) happy days!

Afterwards, we all played Singstar - this is Nadia, who I've never met before. She doesn't like her name, so she's changing it to Anna, but we might call her Annie. She looks like an Annie to me. Her child has t-shirts with The Cure lyrics on them and Nadia/Anna/Annie would not sing Disney Singstar. She would however, sing "Poison" by Alice Cooper and this is her happy face after :)

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