This proves little else other than that he lacks an inbuilt fear of spoons or eating from spoons; Nicky had a taste of the slightly ricey milkpaste a couple of days after this and pronounced it tasteless, but he seemed keen enough to try it today and in successively larger amounts of greater viscosity in subsequent days.

I'd left a spare day off work at the end of the two days required prior to the weekend in case of travel-disruption or general sleeplack or post-travel disorganisation so it was mildly convenient that the follow-up trip to the hospital to re-examine the small lumplet on the back of Edgar's head turned out to be today. Whilst we've been trying to ignore it in order to try and notice a difference I had noticed that it didn't seem quite as pointy as it had before, possibly indicating a slight reshaping unless it's just been slightly flattened by being lain upon. The official verdict this time was that it's probably what they thought it was, nowt to worry about, officially discharged, come back if it goes weird or fails to change in a year or so. A very short visit, which left plenty of time to pop to buy some loft insulation before getting home for his first non-entirely-lactic lunch.

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