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Morning coffee break at Steamy Leisure HQ

Baldy - Jesus L! Checking fellas' prostrates? I really think you're losing it now Lefty.

Lefty - Prostate Baldy, prostate. It's about being part of the community. When we had that Councillor up at the Venus, he was talking about corporate responsibility and how it was his job to get local businesses involved in this Big Society. And since prostate cancer is a silent and often symptomless killer, regular screening is an important feature of men's preventative medicine.

Baldy - But L, come on, we're a knocking shop.

Lefty - Baldy, you got to think out of the box, a bit leftfield if you will. Now, you know I think the world of nurses and doctors but we got the perfect set up here, with a little bit of training.

Tell me this, compared with going down the health centre and having some doctor or nurse you never seen before snapping on those gloves and slamming a finger in, we've got the punters here, they're relaxed and lubed up already. It's just a case of slipping the finger, giving a little wiggle and seeing if everything's hunky dory. Most of 'em would enjoy it. It's a win win!

Baldy - Do you really think the NHS are going to let us give medical checks to people?

Lefty - Badly, mate, there's cuts everywhere and it's a question of businesses stepping up to the table and being more active in society. The Big Society's about going the extra mile, putting something into the community and, although it's not a question of profit, there's no doubt that at the end of the day you get out more than you put in. That's all I'm saying.

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