New Art

I was involved as a volunteer and photographer with an art show/sale that was put on here in Kitchener & Waterloo this year called Box 10. The opening night, this past Friday night was a huge success. About 300 (~) people attended. and there was a great deal of excitement about what was on display.

This is the second year the show has been put on. The plan is it will always be hosted in some old, maybe derelict factory or work space. This year the factory used is an amazing old place that I have photographed a number of times. And blipped more than once. I was very honoured to be asked to help prepare their brochures, advertising, etc.

At the show, I bought this piece you can now see in my front hall. I was taken by the work the moment I saw it. It turns out the artist, Maca Suazo lives just about three or four doors up the street from me!!!! I had no idea. She recognized me. We talked a bit and that's when we realized she lives so close.

It feels great to have a new piece hanging in the house. She delivered it to me this morning and she was very taken by some of the other pieces I have. Especially a couple of pieces by a good friend of mine, John Kissick. She was very aware of his work and feels tickled her work is hanging in the same house as his work :)

I am very excited by next year's show. I can hardly wait to see what develops :)

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