paper delivery

Our morning routine at Hanmer is for gd to bike down to get the newspaper while molly runs along beside, then when they get home she rushes to give me the paper so she can get her biscuits!!

We are keenly awaiting news of the miners who were trapped by a blast in the Pike River coal mine on Friday. Thinking of them and their families and friends who have been waiting, with no contact from inside the mine, for over 65 hours. Hopefully progress will be soon made with entry into the mine - latest news is that a robot may be sent in today (Monday) but progress is slow as there are still fears of setting off another explosion.

My thoughts are with everyone involved in this very sad situation.

Back blipped today (better in BIG) and yesterday - very quick blips this weekend as I have a sewing project to complete, and that has been a priority over everything else ............. but it is nearly finished :-)

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