Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare

Big Bertha

This is the Queen of the Hen House, Bertha.

She is one of a pair of Buff Orpington chickens I got as babies about five years ago. They are both huge, and lay jumbo beige eggs.

The other one, Sister, is meek and quiet. But this one is the bossiest bird I ever met, and constantly scolds me. She even calls out to me when I'm in the garden, demanding I bring over some succulent weeds for her majesty's delectation. If I don't hop to fast enough, she yells even louder!

All the roosters have finally died off this year, but we have Bertha to protect the other females. She may not have fighting spurs like the males, but she has attitude.

And I'm sure she would easily wake us up at night if a fox got into the coop, with that LOUD voice of hers!

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