Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo


C and I went down to Fairhaven this evening to see an art exhibit by our friend, Cindi, at Village Books, where she works. This is what she wrote as an introduction to her exhibit:

So, I do weird things to books, I admit it. Besides reading them, loving them and
writing in the margins of them, I use them as paper weights, small tables upon which I
put lamps and as the inspirational materials for my mixed-media art. I love to rip, tear
and cut up old, forgotten and unloved books; let's call them "rescued books" that might go in the trash. It is not out of spite that I disembowel them, but because I love them. What kind of twisted logic is that? They transform and morph as altered book art projects. I'm working on some BIG projects this month, which will show in the Village Books Readings Gallery. Let me tell you a little more about my recent project incorporating the theme of WINGS and altered books -- I am creating a few large pieces that will, hopefully, enlighten and entertain the viewer.

Before I start an art project, I write poetry. Not only do I work in mixed media, but mixed genres. I play with a vision and a theme, and write dozens of poems until I have condensed them down to the one single message that I want my art piece to express. This year, I've been fascinated with the image of wings and flight.

How would YOU explore the theme of wings deeply? or Flight? It sounds so alluring, doesn't it? Fantasy material. However, consider this: Would you give up your arms, your hands, to have wings? A bird has no arms. How do those wings sound to you now? With wings, you could soar over the trees, out over the bay, over Mount Baker, above the clouds, toward the sun... You could achieve ultimate freedom. But... at what cost? Would you simply flutter your wings around your lover, or your children? Would you feed yourself by lowering your face onto your food? Would you write with your feet? How would you hold the books you love to read so much? That's the dark side of wings.

I will explore this paradox by creating a human form (clothing) that has no arms, but wings. Wings made of the paper pages torn from books. Will the viewer see the lost arms? What is the possibility of this project? I find it deliciously deep.

As you all know, creativity is a blessing and a curse. One must create, or one languishes. How do YOU stimulate your creativity?

You can see more of Cindi's work here.

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