The hill......

............our hill.

It was amazing up there today. The light was unbelievable and a slight mist descended for about twenty minutes. I didn't get the brilliant pictures I was expecting though.

Today's been a bit haphazard for me. I was slightly hungover from last night. We went to see The Skatalites. They were brilliant and I danced a lot. J had been staying at his granny and grandpa's with his cousins. A bit of planning had to be done in getting them back to Edinburgh from Fife due to the AMAZING and prolific snowing that had happened overnight. We got him home, went sledging then went to friends for coffee.

House still a tip and I've a care commission officer coming round maybe tomorrow to do my first childminding inspection........I'm not ready........paperwork is not my forte.

Looks like I'll be sorting and organising into the night.

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