Arctic-Mummy's Journal

By arcticmummy

Jack Frost

Still no snow in Sunny Hampshire, but Jack Frost had been busy all night.... I don't think temperatures got above freezing all day.

All the kids matches were cancelled due to Jack, and the ground being too hard, so we started Sunday with a family cuddle in (John and Annie had already been up to do the paper round!) These times are very precious, and are few and far between, with all our hectic schedules.

Annie wanted some help from Pops with her Maths, so arranged to be taken over. When she asked for a lift I said I didn't mind. Sam quick as a flash said to John "In translation Dad, that means will you take her" That boy is going to make someone a fabulous husband (he can cook & use a washing machine too - not bad for 13 :))

Managed to walk with John this morning; spoilt, quality family time & quality grown up time! It must have been cold, as John was walking with more layers than me! (I am trying to toughen up for the Arctic...)

Nordic walked on Salisbury Plain this afternoon; lots of tank maneuvering going on. The light was amazing, and you could see for miles. I was rather frustrated that I had not taken a camera.

Despite a calf injury I have managed to train well this week, with three reasonable length walks, and a total mileage of around 55 miles.

Have a good week!

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