Snow Day

With both trunk routes south of Perth closed this morning and rail chaos on the cards too I decided that a snow day at home would be best. Especially with more snow forecast for rush-hour this evening.

Obviously I did the gallant thing and got up earlyish and made sure Mrs T was able to get out for her hour long walk to work through the snow.

Breagha just loves the snow, however with about 12 inches on the ground, she can't walk through it and has to bounce tigger-like all the way there and back. She's now one tired and wet, but satisfied wee dog.

Even mid-morning and we've still had no snow-clearing devices along our street and my car is still entombed. Even the Glasgow Road beside the Cherrybank Inn is pretty ropey.

Talking of the Cherrybank, there seemed to be some lights on when I took Breagha for a walk on the golf course. I'm going to have to pop in and check everything is OK in there. Wish me luck!

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