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By teamdel

More Beale than Selleck

Today is the last day of Movember. I have back blipped a team photo for yesterday which is really worth a view.

I decided to change the moustache for the last day to be more of a Tom Selleck look, though I think I don't quite pull it off.

I have more of the Ian Beale look I reckon.

I am really pleased I took part and have even got used to people staring and making double takes at me all the time. No doubt I will find it strange that people will stop looking at me as strangely anymore.

I even managed to raise a bit of money for the prostate cancer charity along the way and am extremely thankful to everyone who donated and also all who had to put up with all the social network harrassment to ask for donations.

Also strangely I will miss the mo a little as it did add a bit of variety to the day. However I will enjoy not having it more and so will wife, I am sure of that.

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