Beefy Lorelei

By beefylorelei

Cat on a Cold White Path

This is Dougal playing in the snow.

He seems to love it. Chasing stuff that moves even the slightest wee bit, running after the kids and only going outside when we go outside. he is a sociable wee lad.

So 1st of December!!
Snow on the ground, schools off again and Daddy day care in full swing.

The heating broke down this morning. After a bit of searching on the internet I managed to download the service manual for it and solved the problem. Ice had blocked the air intake on the flue outside. One scary ladder, blowtorch and heavy snow scenario later and we are warm again! just as well as it would have cost a fortune for a call out in this weather and thats the last thing we need in this month of the year!!

Thanks for looking.

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