Whilst it would always be fascinating to see a sort of musculature-representing animated homonculus demonstrating which muscles are used for various actions by having them change colour when they're contracting, locked or loose it would be more fascinating to see a comparison between the muscles used and the sequence of use thereof when walking normally and when walking on a slippy surface to see which extra muscle (located somewhere around my hip) I seem to have to use to enable almost-normal-speed walking on surfaces enslippified by an exciting range of states of water. I don't notice it much whilst it's being used but it seems to subsequently complain more about having subsequently not been used much when sitting at a desk for too long at a time. I'd have thought that I'd be using something nearer the foot to stop the foot sliding around but perhaps it's something to do with keeping tighter control of my legs to stop them from sliding around relative to my centre of mass. I feel that only an animated musculature-representing homonculus could satisfactorily illustrate this.

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