A photography challenge

By ldyer

Three idiots on ice

Advent Calender: Day Three

"On the third day of Christmas my true love them me see, three idiots on ice shouting whoopee!"

Well that might not be entirely true, my rhyming skills aren't up to practise just yet.

Today, I think I showed everyone why maths people aren't always the most intelligent of people. I got my days mixed up and walked 15mins to another building to have a class. I got there opened the lecture door, looked at the screen and saw that it definitely wasn't maths on the board and then scampered away quickly before anyone saw me. Re-read the email to find out I was actually in there on monday! So had really nice 15min walk back to the building where I was meant to be to start with. You would think that that was all, but no I happen to go into my lecture room at a really conspicuous time and everyone was silent and staring at me, smooth.

Afterwards, as you do nowadays, we had a little play on the ice and got some pictures for a blip :)

This picture of a chunk of ice was the best, but there weren't three of them!

In the end I did have a little fun and did what I have always thought would be fun to do, get them to be lions ;)

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