By PicturePoems

Nothing to Wear


I've nothing to wear,
Not a thing.

I've looked in the wardrobe,
I've emptied each drawer.
Except for some jeans
That are really a bore,
I've nothing to wear
Like never before.

I've nothing to wear,
Not a stitch.

I've looked in the basket
Of ironing but
The items of clothes
Would best suit a mutt;
I've only these jeans
And I don't like the cut.

I've nothing to wear,
Not a thing.

I've nothing that's modern,
I've nothing that's arty,
My clothes are all shabby
Or else they're too smarty.
So what can I wear to
This ? what? A jeans party?!

I could go in my jeans!
But they're old ? and I swear
They're not proper jeans so ?
I've NOTHING to wear!

poem © Celia Warren 2010

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