sudden cleansing

Whilst none of the feetwears I wear infrequently are particularly mucky, if they were I would have taken advantage of the continued (though swiftly-melting) snow and my considerably improved head and beakpipes to take them out for a scrub, one of the many pleasant side-effects of there being snow to walk around on being its ability to remove stuff ground right up even the deepest of treads and restore shoes' soles to near-new levels of un-claggedness. It's also a good way of getting the soles of your feet clean, and unlike some methods doesn't get rid of all the dead skin which you really ought to keep in place, being that all outer-surface skin cells are dead, in order to protect the living skin beneath. Especially on the feet, where lots of nice compacted layers of skin are an advantage if you want to walk anywhere, though I realise this is something many people no longer use their feet for.

The odd patch of tarmac-hugging ice and the scraping-moraine-banked narrowed roads made it slightly less pleasant to bike-pop to a furthershop for second-tier shopping but a mere three instances over five miles of people passing stupidly close just because I was riding far out enough from the temporary slush-kerb to be able to safely dodge all the new potholes and increasingly-sunken drain covers wasn't as much as I was expecting on the day when everyone apparently succeeded in digging out their cars. It looks to have mostly re-frozen already, though only on the pavements, most of the nearby roads being either cleared or essentially unused.

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