Little Bluey....

So had a nice lie in this morning, followed by a mushroom omelette and a pot of coffee!

Had planned on doing very little today but seeing as how the sun was out and it wasn't raining in what felt like forever we've spent the day cleaning up around the garden. The weeds have been going crazy due to all the rain we've been having !!

This Blue Tongued Lizard (musta taken them ages to come up with that name!) was hanging around the garden, he is huge !!! Never seen him before but he wasn't to bothered with me sticking my camera in his face !

Anyways tired and sweaty now after doing the garden (its been really humid here recently) so gonna have a shower.

Leg of lamb on the BBQ and a glass or two of vino tonight.

Happy Sunday Blippers

Edit : Just noticed this is my 700th Blip!! Can't believe I have taken a picture a day for 700 days.....I've never stuck at anything this long !!

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