Family Photo

A lightly rushed pic and a slightly rushed Photoshop job (that isn't all that well clear cut - never mind. Don't look too close ;-).

Anyway, the photo is for the label of our annual Elderflower cordial presents so it's going to be very small!

Into the garden first thing and completing the weeding in the big garden plot, then out to friends for brunch, the back home and the spud planting. Woohoo!

Completion of the irrigation, planting of some zucchini and baby beets. And then done. And then out sailing at 3.45.

And what a fab afternoon. A perfect breeze, only 4 other kids, so they all got the own boat, and then 1.5 hours of loops around the "race track". Absolutely brilliant. Adam did so well, and it seems the sailing rewards is now a pie, which he well and truly earned!

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