By traceyflowerpot

White Light...

Well not much today in the way of photography.

This morning cleaned the two freezers out ready to put the Christmas food in. This afternoon we went and got most of the Christmas shopping, (well freezer stuff etc) as I dont like doing it when there are to many people shopping.

Came home had some lunch then popped into town as I had to buy a photo frame for my course this evening, I am learning how to mount a photograph and frame it this evening. I have never cut a mount board out, Eric normally does this for me, so I am looking forward to doing it from taking the shot to mounting and framing it all by myself.

Now a quick minute for Blip...

I popped upstairs to get changed ready for my course, I didnt know what to take a photo of so I grabbed my camera and took a quick shot of a spot light in my bedroom, it was set in auto mode, did a point and shoot,haha. I am quite pleased at the outcome, a perfect white cirlce.

My throat is still croaky, but not sore, thankyou for all your kind words yesterday.

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