I work on the border of the city, far enough not to be able to pop out to town without a car. Today I was on a training course* in the city. It is great wondering around in the morning and even in the afternoon, discovering new streets, buildings, sites, restaurants, blipping to heart's content.

It's St Nicolas Day today. Poor Hanna got a present from him quite unexpectedly. Well, I can't not continue one of the best traditions. I've learnt from the last year though not to tell Hanna about impending Santa visit in the middle of the night - she was too frightened to stay in her room, because a strange man was coming to visit.
So, this year Santa brought Hanna this great book about architecture, written and drawn by a couple of Poles. Luckily it is now translated into English, so all English speaking kids can appreciate it as well.
It was very smart of Santa, because on some days Hanna wants to be an architect, so she could design a tower and call it Hanna Tower or after her surname, just like Eiffel Tower. On other days she is contemplating being a vet, only because they earn decent money.

For all fans of Tilly, she (and I) appears in somebody else's blip journal.

*morning tea+lunch+ afternoon tea

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