without becoming pictures

By lani

Surprises we don't see coming.

Two somewhat matching motorcycle jackets (the gray is brand new and mine, the black is his with a bit of a tear from its inaugural stumble), hanging together, softly in the sun, waiting for a day we can take them out and make a day of them. There's a peek of helmet down there as well. When he bought my gear for me yesterday, we both were incredibly excited, spontaneous, and exhilarated, themes which continued for the remainder of the night.

Today, they shone a bit in the morning sun and I couldn't resist. :) The weekend weather is supposed to warm up to even the 40s, so you may get a gratuitous blip of his unbelievably beautiful bike. :D

Had you told me a year ago that this week would progress as it has, I would have absolutely not believed you. And that, that is an amazing thing to be able to say.

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