The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

A trip to white gym

The view from my bike in the gym isn't too bad at all. I even did and extra 10 minutes, but as it was my first visit since the snow came, I wasn't overdoing it.

All alone in the gym, I lost myself to my Mp3 player and I really enjoyed it.

It all went downhill from there.

A trip to Dunfermline shopping was OK, but the journey home was delayed by a very "Wide load" on the motorway which decided to go straight through the Road works and took out all the cones as he went. The following traffic had to dodge broken lights and squashed cones all over the one lane that was open.
I know what I'd like to have squashed!
It took 45 mins instead of 10.

This made me late getting to my appointment south of Forestmill and the road surface was covered in places with frozen slush. This took me nearly 30 minutes, instead of 20 and I got stuck in the snow at the gate of the house I was visiting, as I left for home.

No wonder I arrived home just minute before the worker, Ally.

Ah well back to work tomorrow for me and no more fun like today........I hope.

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