By Nigel

The Way Home

I don't normally get this view on my way home as it is night time by the time I walk along it. Today I discovered I had left my wallet at home so I had to pop back for it at lunchtime. A nice bracing walk compared to my usual troll around the city centre to limber up my joints.

Work consisted of loads of prep for a client meeting which is never fun, and this time i had not only screenhots and write to bore me but also making a Visio diagram.

I bought a small piece of plastic on the way home which will prevent the water coming up though our kitchen sink, though it will also prevent the water form going out of the kitchen sink so everytime I want to wash the dishes I'll pop under the bench and remove it. It looks like the drain that may be blocked is the one under the scaffolding in the street so it may be some time before it is able to be fixed.

I have a cold on its way so I spent the evening eating soup (1 bowl of chicken and 1 bowl of mushroom) and playing Mass Effect 2, I'm on to the second disk which I thought was only going to contain 'Bonus Content' not be a whole section of the game but it does point to me probably being past the halfway point.

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