Skinny Piggy

By SkinnyPiggy

The Thaw

We had such a worry last night in our new house.

We got back home last night to discover we had no hot or cold water in the pretty much the whole house, no toilet refill, no shower. The only water tap that was working was the kitchen cold water, I think its because its connected to the mains? It looked like our pipes have frozen... I was pretty worried so I contacted a plumber. Since there was no problems with out heating, he advised me to leave the heating on all night to try and thaw the pipes.

Woke up this morning and still no water works... I called the same plumber for him to come out and have a look today. Luckly, the taps I left open burst into action. I'm guessing the pipes must have thawed because the outside temperature has started to rise. Before I advised the plumber of the good news, I checked the whole house to see if we developed any leaks... I didn't find any, so we were lucky.

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