Sheltered by Sky

By davidvallen

This Month Kills

Month four of this degree program is said to be one of (if not THE) hardest. By luck of the draw, I received a 3am lab that lets out at 5am. The problem is lecture then starts at 9am only four hours later. It's unhealthy to sleep just three to four hours. You can feel why.

It's just as hard to stay up, though. My eyes start falling by themselves unless I'm thoroughly engaged in something like typing a trivial Blip entry. I don't know whether I should nap for the little amount of time I can, or try to push forward.

Anyway, it's week three out of four so I guess I'll just try to stick it out.

This picture is where two walls meet on the second floor of one of the buildings. I was drearily walking to class and this crossed my peripheral vision. I figured, "Well I haven't Blipped in a while..." So, here I am!

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