Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw


A one minute dash by Blip, as once I had arrived safely at work in one piece, it was not a good idea to go outside again until home time. At least we can see some green again now the thaw has begun.

The pavements were sheet ice this morning. I walked the whole way to work in the road. BA rescued me at 5 pm and we thought we were clever going off to do the weekly shop. No such luck - the shelves for fresh produce were almost empty. We got the last loaf of bread.

A quiet weekend ahead, #1 is supposed to be studying, aka in bed; and #2 has gone off to a summer camp reunion in deepest Kinross-shire.

And for those who missed the little gift I sent to Lady Findhorn, here is the link. And for those keen to acquire one, it came from a National Trust shop - a Scottish one, of course!

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