Vac Ops

AKA Operation Noddy Holder

Ok Striker, this mission's going to take you deep, deep into Shaq-Pyl.

And you'll be on your own, just you and your DK-47 (Dyson Kleaner). We need you to create a proper dust up for a for a carpet bombing campaign our follow up task force is going to perform afterwards. They're going to light up this place like a Christmas tree (actually, they are going to light up a Christmas tree) so this whole place has to be cleaned out in preparation for this. When you make it through you've to ensure the landing area is kept clear as there's a VIP due in soon on a drop from 90 degrees North.

Best of luck buddy, and don't hold back with that weapon of yours; you're allowed to be naughty on this one, nice just won't cut it.

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