My Year in Pictures

By jenny


This is literally a case of blip and run!

Busy morning sorting "stuff" at home - dashed over to Witney for the Networking Women Christmas lunch - home for 20 minutes - dashing to Cheltenham for last bits and pieces of Christmas shopping, haircut and dinner with another group I'm a member of - phew!

So blip had to be got at lunch today and uploaded in the 20 minutes break at home if I was to avoid a backblip!

So here you have the lovely Gail - I haven't known her all that long but what I do know about her is that is an incredibly genuine and caring person - and someone you feel very safe with. So not really surprising that she's a great coach!

I managed to catch her in a quiet contemplative pose amidst the mayhem of cracker pulling and paper hats. I actually think she was contemplating what to do with the cracker contents that she got - though I thought I'd spare you that one as it's not for the faint hearted! (and she'd probably kill me too!)

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