By wingpig

temporary lapse in service

A little placeholder image until I'm able to get some pictures from the office christmas bash (Jongleurs: cheap-tasting pricey food, overpriced beer, lairiness but reasonable comedy although the last guy on looked freakishly like the Group Chief Executive) on evening of the 21st uploaded. As the living room spent the day being full of plaster dust on Thursday the computer spent the day in the bedroom. As Nicky was asleep when I got in from the party I could only transfer the images from the camera. As I'd filled up a memory card with RAW files there was no way I was going to be able to look through them all after converting and still get some sleep so I just left it though I almost brought the hard drive into work but thought it might be taking the piss a little bit seeing as it's only an half-day. This picture is from the walk home, taken with notquiteascrappyasbeforebutstillnotverygoodphonecam. The shop wanted £50 for the N73 so it had to be the K800i; a penny saved is a penny towards the upgrade justification fund.

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