Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A Quiet Start To The Day

Finally, after a bad week, I will put up a blip on the right day. I backblipped, but i's only dead roses in a dirty vase!

Thanks so much for commenting, for a while now I've had to put blipping aside for other things. I love taking pictures every day and wish they could all be good ones. Hopefully, the rest over Christmas will recharge MY batteries.

Not able to spend much time outdoors today but I got this shot at the back of the house on my way to see how The Mother was. An early morning call told me she wasn't too good again today.

I should be working. I should have opened the shop. I didn't want to, I just didn't! Sometimes other things are more important.

Instead I have stayed at home and got things ready for The Man, #2 Daughter and her partner coming from Edinburgh.

Sunday Journal Link (Sub Sunday - see Forum): I saw JPEG's Journal and liked it!

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