Midnight Musings

By MidnightMusings

Blonde Bombshell

Sorry for half posting, before I was ready. Bradley has a habit of trying to get in on my Blips and , unfortunately I hit the publish button before I was ready. Anyway, he's off to bed now! Yay! I thought I'd share my tropicals with you.
This is my Blonde Plec, I've had him for about 4 years, he is about 18cm long, this is his second tank now. He lives with three Green Spotted Puffa fish and some baby mollys as well as a Zebra Plec who with have had for about a year.
I love this fish and have nurtured and nursed him when he was sick, thankfully, only once in all these years. He is lovely to watch and uses his feelers near his mouth as hands to eat his food.

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