Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare

Wicket Waits

Named after Warren Wicket, the Ewok warrior in the Star Trek movie, this little guy was born here, one of six pups. We used to call him "Mr. Snuggly," since the first thing he did was crawl on top of his litter mates and fall asleep. His Mom is my sweetie-pie Maia, and they are both purebred Cairn Terriers.

He is Bruce's dog. And Justin's. And Ryan's. And Matt's.

He loves the guys! Maybe it is because they throw the ball for him (VERY important), and they take him camping. The other day I saw him wag his tail excitedly in circles when he sniffed Justin's backpack. He is a "man's man" kind of dog.

But at night, when nobody is watching, he sneaks over to my side of the bed and curls up against my leg. I wake up every morning with him plastered to my side...

Here he is waiting for Bruce to get home from work.

Can you see the slightly manic look in his eye?

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