By BernardYoung

Flashback: Santa's Christmas, 2009 - Part 2



the reindeer have downed sleigh
and are moaning
about the increased work-load
and the frozen pay.

Led by hard-nosed Rudolf the Red
(who, contrary to popular belief, is not nice)
they are imposing a work to rule
- a no slide rule on the ice
- a go slow on the snow.

Most folk, thinks Santa, just don't realise,
being the boss is not all mince pies
and Ho! Ho! Ho!


After much negotiation
and hard snowballing
Santa and the reindeer
have reached an agreement.

The Christmas delivery is safe.

Unlike Santa, who,
hurrying to and fro,
slips on the fast freezing snow.

Oh! Oh! Ow!

To be continued...tomorrow fighting on Boxing Day and a bout of self-doubt.

Part 1 is here
Copyright Bernard Young 2010

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