By wingpig

never to return...

A nice simple half-day at work with only a couple of people stuffing themselves with paracetamol to counteract the effects of their alcoholic excess at the department night out last night. I managed to get a decent amount of work done, happily read an email confirming the permitted use of comfortable normal clothes next week and made a final decision that I'll upgrade to the D80 and do it this March coming rather than in 2008. Bollocks to this showing-restrain-and-waiting-fourteen-months business. WANT THING.

Niceness had to be put on hold upon returning home after a brief detour to pick up some brake pads as the flat was full of dust for the second day running in the latter stages of wall-removal. Most of the plaster and laths were down so I only had to pull out a few hundred nails and ease out a few laths from behind the coving before I was allowed to play on the computer. Finished off converting pictures from the party last night but there were few of decent quality given the low light levels so I'll just post a link to this shot of Mr Tractor Factory peeking out from behind a wine glass and leave yesterday's placeholder in place...

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